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Squads - by invitation only

All gymnasts are assessed regularly for their suitability to attend squad training. 

If gymnasts are invited to join a squad, the progression is usually either through our GFA (Gymnastics For All) squad, who train for 2½ hours a week.  Through Imps Development, training twice weekly for 4½ hours, the Imps, who train three times a week for 6½ hours, and the Barons or Knights, who train three or four times a week for 8 or 10 hours. The squads have specifically designed training programmes that include strengthening and conditioning, and they work towards their respective county and regional levels at which they compete.

We recognise that being promoted to a competition squad may cause financial difficulties to those on low or modest incomes. In order to allow gymnasts to fully participate within the sport, we offer financial support that will limit the annual cost to £520 per annum, including the BG insurance and mandatory uniform. Those who want to take advantage of this support may apply to the committee of the club in writing or by email to, and must be able to demonstrate that the full cost of membership would not be affordable to them. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.