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Aims & Objectives

The club has the following aims and objectives.

To provide safe and enjoyable gymnastics activities in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the national governing body of gymnastics known as British Gymnastics.

To encourage children to have greater self-awareness, social skills and confidence, through participation in gymnastics games and activities, development programmes and badge award schemes.

To ensure children have the opportunity to try the sport of gymnastics by the provision of recreational gymnastics classes (admittance via a waiting list).

To encourage the participation and retention of older gymnasts in the sport, through the provision of training and activities designed to meet their needs.

To encourage children with the skills and desire to participate in competitive gymnastics events, through the establishment of squad training sessions specifically tailored to meet their needs.

To stimulate and promote participation in the sport of gymnastics locally, through events such as open days and displays at gala’s and fetes.

To work in close co-operation with the county body of British Gymnastics, namely the Lincolnshire Gymnastics Association and the regional body of British Gymnastics, namely the East Midlands Gymnastics Association. 

To promote the involvement of older gymnasts, helpers and parents in gymnastics coaching and judging, by providing mentors.

To ensure that all members are aware of club activities and events by producing a regular newsletter and by articles on the club noticeboard. 

To ensure that the club operates a zero tolerance policy on bullying.  Any incident will be dealt with appropriately by the club's nominated welfare officers.