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The competition season runs from January to December each year. Squad gymnasts are invited to compete in various county and regional competitions throughout the year, dependant on their ability, which is assessed by the coaching team. Gymnasts are expected to compete if they are selected. The results from each competition our gymnasts enter will be recorded in the ‘Results’ section of the website.

Gymnasts compete in age groups, but for gymnastics competitions their age is classed at the age they will be in the competition year (January to December), rather than school years. Therefore, a gymnast who is 9 in March and a gymnast who is 9 in December will both compete in the age 9 group for the whole year despite the latter being 8 until December.  

British Gymnastics has introduced a new level of competition from 2021 being two county and regional competitions: Zinc for gymnasts aged 8 and above and Copper for gymnasts aged 9 and above.  There are also 3 new competitions that are at County, Regional and National level, Bronze for gymnasts aged 10 and above, Silver for gymnasts aged 11 and above and Gold for gymnasts aged 12 above.  Gymnasts from the Barons and Knights are training for these new competitions and will be competing them from 2022.

The new levels of competition do not have pass marks and it is at their respective coaches’ discretion when the gymnasts move up to the next level.  The emphasis is on the gymnasts competing at a level where they can execute the requirements well, rather than their age and there is no upper age limit on the levels.

Currently there are two county competitions for our Imp squad gymnasts, Level 7 for gymnasts aged 6 years and over, and Level 6 for gymnasts aged 7 years and above.  It is anticipated that these will be amended in 2022 to bring them in line with the new BG competitions and perhaps with new “metal” names.

Our Floor & Vault squad compete in the Women’s Artistic Floor & Vault competition where they have the opportunity to qualify for the Lincolnshire County Floor & Vault Team and represent their county at the regional Floor & Vault competition.

The club also holds annual summer and Christmas competitions. All gymnasts are invited to attend, with recreational gymnasts competing against gymnasts in their respective class, and the squads compete according to which county level they are at. Medals are awarded to the top three in each class/squad with the winners receiving a trophy as well.  Medals are also awarded to the top three on each of piece of equipment as well for each class/squad. All gymnasts who enter receive a certificate or participation medal and the club champion trophy is awarded to the highest scoring gymnast from the highest competition level at our annual summer competition.