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Club Rules

Members are requested to observe the following club rules.

All gymnasts must train in bare feet, with neat and tidy hair (tied up where applicable). All gymnasts must wear a leotard (and shorts for boys – gymnastics shorts are optional for girls). T-shirts and tracksuits may be worn during warm-up only. No jewelry is permitted.

All gymnasts must leave their clothes in the storage provided. No food or outdoor shoes are permitted in the gym area. Only drink bottles with sports tops are allowed and must be left in the viewing area. 

Parents are welcome to sit inside the hall and watch the training if they wish. Use of mobile phones/cameras or any other photographic equipment is strictly prohibited.

Parents bringing children with them to watch must ensure that they are under their control/supervision at all times. 

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the safe arrival/departure of gymnasts from classes.

The premises and grounds are a no-smoking area. No dogs are allowed on site. 

Everyone is requested to treat the club’s property and premises with respect.

Gymnasts who miss three consecutive weeks of training will be considered to have left the club, unless during the absence the club is notified otherwise. Three weeks' notice is required in writing, by email, when gymnasts leave the club. Subscriptions are payable for the notice period.

Subscriptions must be paid in advance by standing order.  In the event that training is missed due to illness or holidays, subs are non-refundable.

All gymnasts must be affiliated annually with British Gymnastics for insurance purposes. Gymnasts must be registered and the fee paid by parents directly on the BG website by 1st October, or for new members within 3 weeks of them joining. If the fee is unpaid after this date, gymnasts will not be allowed to remain members of the club and will not be allowed to train.